Mission Statement Of MetricsMeaning.com

This site is about metrics that relate to metrics in business from the point of view of online marketing. Its mandate can extend sometimes issues that are not pure metrics-oriented, but the basis remains the same – understanding what these metrics mean, how to use them, and how to optimize them in business and online marketing

Why Does This Site Deals With Metrics’ Meaning?

Business & marketing metrics have been around for quite a while. The online marketing scene & especially online marketing automation tools have brought the business world to a point where businesses have become crazy about knowing what is going on with them using live metrics. Even though many of those metrics are quite simple to understand, in most cases skilful personnel are not around to interpret the picture those metrics draw to CEOs, company founders and VPs of marketing.

I dealt with these situations myself where my own CEOs & VPs of marketing thought they understand everything through online marketing metrics, while the real picture was by far complex.

Now, since these days its my 11th year as a member of the online marketing industry, I thought I could add value to those CEOs, founders & VPs of marketing by letting them have a concise yet thorough info about business & online marketing metrics so that their business decisions will be more educated and they will be able to diversify their point of views of their online business state.